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Other Works 3D

Other Works

Fun with 3D

Folding lap-desk

building fever 2016

Not having any school projects that required building during my last semester did not stop me from working in the shop. I've always wanted to build a furniture piece and voila! A small folding table for bed/couch use that left my hands as a gift for someone special. 


pittsburgh plinko

unexpected design 2015

Pittsburgh Plinko is a product that looks engaging enough to draw people to it not knowing what it is, donate not knowing what it is, and then donate more trying to figure out how it works–all of this for the betterment of our common community. Coins randomly fall into four non-profit organizations- all striving to help Pittsburgh.

Project was done with Andro Zuzul in senior studio, 'Play Lab'.


will you marry me?

speculative design 2015

Long considered to be a permanent bond formed between two individuals, the institution of marriage has begun to lose its meaning. Indicated by a high 40~50% divorce rate among legally married couples in the U.S., marriage has come to mean less than a sanctimonious ceremony followed by years of a painful union.

This ring conceptualizes the lost meaning of marriage by using concentrated sunlight to leave an engraved burn mark on the hand.
The hand burns slowly as the ring reflects how marriage can become more and more painful the longer it lasts, leaving a permanent imprint of a failed institution.


cardboard modeling

3D Prototyping 2015

Cardboard, or more precisely foam core, modeling is a quick manufacturing method that enables prototyping without the use of any software assistance or machinery. Not only is quick prototyping of shapes possible, but also movement by adding various mechanisms and/or sensors and motors connected to an Arduino micro-controller. 

The Meat Slicer was a combination of motors and sensors to create a collaborative mechanism.
(DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor, potentiometer, button switch, LED)

The second video is a simplified 3D model of the Hasselblad 501C camera. This camera's tangible interactions are simply magnificent as the visible cues directly relate with functionality. 



mixed-media snapback

customization addiction 2015

From the lessons learned while making the mixed-media phone docks and some extra materials in hand, I decided to make something special for myself. Satisfied, but definitely have to be careful not to sit on it!

The lettering was custom sewn at Lids.


Mixed-media phone docks

experimental form 2014

These phone docks started as a form and material study, and were created while pursuing harmony between
contrasting materials. The use of different materials created a unique effect enhanced by the dynamic cut patterns.

Taking a step back from all the functionality of a phone, these phone docks provide a stage for phones to explicitly emit the voices of their designs.


trek pack

travel pack for diabetics 2012

The purpose of the Trek Pack is to create a convenient way for young males with type 1 diabetes to carry their medical equipment during the day. Because most males do not carry a bag, we wanted to create a smaller backpack that did not look like a medical container. 

The detachable section stores diabetic equipment allowing the owner to have all equipments ready to go even when the whole bag is not in use.

Done with Shirley Wang and Madeleine Krick.


anticipating pain

foam sculpture of my head and hand 2009

Anticipating hardship might be one of the worst moments in life. There is nothing worse than knowing that you are in trouble.


metallic prawn

sculpture using disposable knife blades 2009

A sculptural piece emphasizing the incredibly hard shells of marine crustaceans.


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